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Ellevate [eh·luh·vayt]: /ELLE/ - is French for "she", "her" and inspired from the word "elevate".

Ellevate is a Taiwan based clothing brand focused on "ellevating" the styles in your closet and embracing women of all body types. To reform the essentials in your closet, we design bramis!


Bramis = bra + camis, are outerwear tops with built-in cups for comfort and style. The twist is, our bramis have removable bra cups to allow for customization based on your body type!


Bramis bring a new, comfortable lifestyle for women to get dressed in the morning. No need to waste time finding or deciding which bra to wear with each shirt! You just need a brami



Our Inner Layer Design

No compressive band, no bra lines, no restriction

For all-day wear, the internal structure comprises of a 2-inch compressive-like material (depending on the style). With a double layer in the chest area (+outer layer which makes 3 layers) and seams to hold the bra cups in place, our bramis offer support and an ellevated look.

Brami Looks